Mediviral Review
by Mark Alexander, Herpes Simplex Treatment editor

Drugs such as antivirals won’t cure genital herpes but they will ease symptoms and keep them from getting worse. One of the most promising treatments is Mediviral dietary supplement; a safe and effective dietary supplement that contains clinical-proven ingredients to surpass and kill the herpes virus.

Unlike prescription medications, Mediviral not only has ingredients known for suppressing the herpes virus it also simultaneously strengthens the immune system. Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical drugs have nasty side effects and can often weaken the immune system

How Mediviral Works

Mediviral is so effective it is because the topical kills the virus upon contact. Therefor, with each outbreak the severity is dramatically diminished.

The oral supplement is taken every day to build and strengthen the immune system and make you far less vulnerable to future outbreaks.

Mediviral suppresses outbreaks and kills the herpes virus by attacking the virus from the outside using a topical agent and within the body using a formulated dietary supplement. Using both internal and external treatment dramatically speeds up results, and increase viral suppression.


Mediviral is a powerful treatment that combines a topical and supplement that suppresses and kills the Herpes virus. The key ingredients clinically tested and responsible for reducing outbreaks are listed below.

Mediviral Versus Prescription Drugs

Unlike prescription drugs, Mediviral is 100% natural and safe without side effects. For example, Valtrex, a popular prescription medication, contains numerous side effects including headache, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and dizziness. More severe effects include aggressive behavior, unsteady movement, shaky movements, confusion, speech problems, hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are really not there), seizures, and coma.

Clearly, for many people the risks associated with taking a prescription treatment are detrimental to their health and not worth the results. Mediviral carries the added benefit of actually strengthening your immune system, something prescription drugs don’t offer.

So, why don’t the pharmaceutical companies offer the same effective treatment? Unfortunately, industry’s refuse to provide clinical studies on ingredients they are unable to patent. Since the ingredients in Mediviral are naturally occurring, they cannot be patented or controlled. Therefor, pharmaceutical companies won’t touch them no matter how safe and effective they are.

The Importance Of A Healthy Diet

If you are infected with the herpes virus a strong immune is crucial to fighting off and preventing outbreaks. The amino acid Lysine destroys the virus by inhibiting its ability to replicate and trigger outbreaks. Taking Mediviral once per day will give your body an abundance of Lysine to minimize outbreaks and destroy the virus.

Overall Rating

Mediviral is a breakthrough, all-natural supplement that equals and in many cases exceeds the virus-suppressing benefits and results of prescription medications without the nasty side effects.

At $99 per bottle, a one-month supply of Mediviral is actually $125 cheaper than the powerful prescription drug Valtrex. Furthermore, none of the competing products on the market provide the added benefit of empowering the immune system and making the body less susceptible to illness and infections.

Brand Score
Kills Virus Boosts Healing Natural Ingredients Side Effects Clinical Study Customers
Guarantee Price One Month Visit Store
98% YES NONE YES Read Review 30 Days $98.95
90% No Severe Yes Read Review NONE $224.95
87% No Mild Yes Read Review NONE $109.99
84% No Severe Yes Read Review NONE $35.15
5. 83% No Mild No Read Review NONE $47.95

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I got herpes last year from my previous partner. I was devastated. Constant itching, blisters, and fatigue. I tried almost everything. Valtrex left me feeling sick and depressed so I had to discontinue treatment.

Mediviral has been a lifesaver. My outbreaks are way down and my confidence is way up. After a month I saw a huge improvement and I am no longer worried about embarrassing outbreaks!

Ladies, you need to try this stuff. It is the only treatment that works without making you sick. You will forget you even have herpes :)

I used to use Zovirax but my insurance company had a very high co pay. The treatment worked but was very expensive. I decided to give Mediviral a try and have not looked back.

Within 3 days it started to help and stop my outbreaks. The nice thing about is no side effects. I only have to take one pill a day and use the cream only when I get an outbreak which is rare now. I’ve only had one outbreak in the last 4 months. So far so good.

I get coldsores frequently in the winter. Mediviral is amazing! When I use it at the first sign, sometimes it does not even develop into a cold sore!

I have never seen a natural medicine work so fast and efficiently with cold sores!

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